Friday, 13 March 2015

Yay, nay, or wth?

Hey guys...

So...normally a lot of my posts are about writing advice, upcoming contests, and book reveals. However, this time, I'm going to ask a favor of all my followers (don't worry it's not a big one).

Like any other writer, I'm not exempt from needing eyes on my own stuff (blinders, rose-tinted glasses, subjectivity, and all that). So, if anyone has a moment or two, I'd love an opinion on my very own pitch (to sweeten the pot, I'm happy to return the favor, so if you have something you want looking over, just let me know!).

Okay...deep we go...

Seventeen-year-old adopted Annabel Gracie signs into The Castle Mental Hospital in hopes of ridding herself of a voice only she can hear – a man called Dodge – and recovering her budding championship swimming career. Only Dodge is as equally determined not to relinquish his hold on her mind. When her psychologist encourages Annabel to delve into her past, she discovers her birth father is serving a life sentence for murdering her mother and three others. Her doctor recommends Annabel write to him but not send the letters – a way to deal with what she sees in her repressed memories. However the letters do get sent. But by who? And Annabel’s father has written back about a man called Dodge who keeps telling him what to do… Now her schizophrenia just might be the key to uncovering the location of his last victim, but it could also leave her mind in pieces.

Many thanks and virtual hugs!